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Throws Series AUT/Millennium 23/7/22



​​​​​​​Throws Series AUT/Millennium 25/6/22

Hi everyone

We were expecting a bad weather and we got a great sunny day.  We were expecting some good performances …and we got them !!!  with 3 new masters NHB club records signed by the DELEIROS !!!

Results  with three records broken by Tony Deleiros in the Javelin and Shot Put and Anne Deleiros Discus.


Throws Series AUT/Millennium 6/6/22


Throws Series AUT/Millennium 29/1/22

Hi everyone

That was a great competition with excellent weather conditions and many very good performances and records. More than 20 throwers have been participating.

It started with the shot put with the impressive progression of Kate HALLIE (14 years) breaking the 15m line with a 15.11m performance . Good throws for Naja KUMERICH 14,64m . Fiona SIAOPO 13.48m and Karmen MARITZ 13,02m in the discus , the longest throw was achieved by Karmen MARITZ adding 12cm to her club record with 43.28m . Sionann MURPHY was the star of the day after breaking again her NZL para athletes record for the first time over 20m at 20.85m . Good throws or PBs for the young generation Kate HALLIE 40,51m , CJ SKELTON 39.19m , Fiona SIAOPO 37,38m Fernanda TIRADO , Leyon CAFFERY In the hammer throw Nadja KUMERICH , moving to the 4 turns technique was very close to her PB with a 51,14m performance. Jasmine HE LING had her first PB over 45m with 45.50m and is now looking toward the 50m line.

Thanks to the officials and volunteers helpers.




Christmas Summer Throws Competition 18th December 2021


That was the last competition of the 2021 year . Good weather conditions and some good performances the most impressive was the new World U12 best performance in the shot put by Sina Malia TUA with a 11.45m throw improving her own former distance of 11,24m just one month ago.

Also in the shot put Nadja KUMERICH got a new 14,88m PB with the same implement , closing to the 15m line.

In the discus Savannah SCHEEN was again over 50m with a 51,47m performance . Young Fernanda TIRADO had to produce another good throw with 37,37m to beat Sina Malia TUA in this event .

In the hammer Naja KUMERICH was very close from her PB with a 51,23m performance . Good throws from Anne GOULTER and Jasmine HE LING The javelin throw was less brilliant than last week but Brianna TIRADO still got a 43,40m and Bree ACKLAND 37.99m with the 500g

Happy Christmas to everybody and a big thank you to all the participants , athletes , volunteers and helpers of our throws competitions DP

McKinnon Throws Competition 11th December 2021

It was raining …PBs ….at the Mc Kinnon throws competition at the Millenium this Saturday , with excellent weather conditions

Here are the results of NHB throwers

In the men's hammer , Anthony NOBILO did not do as well as the week before and was obviously trying to go too fast . Master Jacob POTGIETER was close to make the NZL year rankings with a 29.50m PB

In the women’s hammer , a great satisfaction and PB for the young (15y) Jasmine HE LING with a 4m improvement mark at 44.89m to make the NZL top ten rankings of the year. Karmen MARITZ was only a few cm short from her PB and Master Anne GOULTER performed her best throw of the year with 38,14m

In the men’s master javelin POTGIETER got another PB and Finn BURRIDGE had a decent 45.50m throw after struggling again with his technique

The girls javelin was expected to be brilliant and it was !  Brianna TIRADO started with a 500g PB at 44,84m and was looking for much more but she lost the control of the implement and produced bad trajectories into the wind . Bree ACKLAND nearly made it to her ‘’dream’’ goal to break the 40m line and improved her PB by 2m to 39,18m to confirm her 3rd place in the NZL year rankings . Karmen MARITZ is getting better and better in this event and got also a PB with a powerful 37,28m , a new club best performance for U13 and U14. Good throwing and PB also for another U13y girl Amy HURLY at 31,04m and another season best for Anne GOULTER 

Results (All NHB)

Hammer sen M 7kg : 1-NOBILO Anthony  62,59m

Javelin U20 men 800g : 1-TEURUAA Max 42.89m 2-THORPE Stephen 40.29m

Javelin U18 B : 1-BURRIDGE Finn 45.50m

Hammer masters M40 7kg  : 1-POTGIETER Jacob 29.50m PB

Javelin masters M40 800g : 1-POTGIETER Jacob 32.41m PB

Javelin W18 500g : 1-TIRADO Brianna 44,84m PB -2-ACKLAND Bree 39,18m PB

Hammer W16 3kg :    1- HE LING Jasmine 44,89m PB 

Javelin W16 500g : 1-ROBINSON Kate 26.21m

Hammer W13 3kg : 1-MARITZ Karmen 37.13m

Javelin W13 500g : 1-MARITZ Karmen 37.28m PB (New club U13 and U14 best performance - Former record 35.78m by herself since 2021-11-20 Auckland) -  2-HURLY Amy 31,04m PB

Hammer Master W55 3kg : 1-GOULTER Anne 38.14m SB

Javelin Masters W55 500g : 1-GOULTER Anne 17.17m SB

LAST 2021 THROWS COMPETITION , THE THROWS ‘’Christmas’’ Summer series 3 will happen this Saturday 18 with as usual a full programme open to all competitors ages 

The previsional programme programme (Flexible depending on participants and conditions).  will allow the throwers to also compte in the Mc Kinnon meet in Pakuranga starting at 16.00

10.00 Shot put M W    10.45 Discus M W    11.30 Hammer M W   12.15 Javelin M W 

COMPETITION : THROWS VIRTUAL COMP date : 04-December 2021 Location : AUT Millenium stadium


This throws competition at Millenium was VERY successful with many great performances . It was organised in connection with the NZL Throws virtual competition organised by Raylene BATES from DUNEDIN with participation from all the throwing centres 

The great performance of the day at Millenium was the big 3m PB throw in the women hammer by Nicole BRADLEY , becoming the 3rd NZL woman to break the symbolic 70m line in this event . A world class performance giving her a top 50 place in the world 2021 rankings . This was not a ‘’lucky’’ throw as Nicole also got 3 other throws over 68m . As this is a B standart for Commonwealth , the throw was metal tape remeasured and the hammer checked at 4,020kg and exactly 1.194m length.

Also in the hammer Anthony NOBILO also got a great PB with a throw of 66.58m , the 4th best ever NZL performance .

The 2nd successful event of the day was the shot put U18 with the 1st leg of the competition between Kate HALLIE and Karmen MARITZ ., Kate won the 3kg shot with a new PB at 14.00m to get 5th in the 2021 NZL ranking when Karmen moved her own PB to 13,51m , improving the NHB U13 Girls club record in the process to get in 6th position in the U18 ranking

Both girls were fighting again in the discus and Kate won the 2nd leg by only a few cm . but nobody got a PB . The best discus throw was achieved by savannah SCHEEN with a very good 52,67m performance.

The javelin throw confirmed the existence of a new wave of young female throwers . Best throw again by Brianna TIRADO at 41,35m  

Next throws competition will be Mc Kinnon Shield 4 at Millenium on Saturday 11 with Javelin , Hammer and Weight hammer starting at 15.00 with Covid pass conditions

SPRING THROWS SERIES 1 - 20th Novermber 2021

AUT/Millennium Stadium


We could have called this competition the ‘’Covid series !’’ . After it was again possible to compete , (With restrictions) , everybody was keen to perform again and this, with the great weather conditions, can explain the great number of PB’s and very good performances .

In the shot put , the very young last ‘’discovery’’ of Walter GILL , Sina Malia SUA , 10 years , produced again incredible performances and improved both the 2kg and the 3kg world best marks for this âge with 14,05m and 11,24m . Good throws for Kate HALLIE (only 14y) at 13,35m 3kg and 11,33m 4kg

The javelin is booming at Bays in the moment . Even if Brianna TIRADO did not throw as far as expected with only 41,33m in the U18 , her club partners Bree ACKLAND (17y) and Karmen MARITZ (14y) , both improved their PBs by several metres . With now Bree at 37,53m and Karmen 35,78m , ranking respectively 3rd and 4th in the country in this U18 age group. Another great 4m PB was achieved in the U18 boys by Daniel Shaw with 51,91m. Daniel is jumping in 4th position in the NZ rankings

In the discus . Savannah SCHEEN got the longest throw with 52,11m and both Karmen MARITZ 40,30m and Kate HALLIE 40,11m were throwing close to their PB . But the the big PB of the day in this event was achieved by Fernanda TIRADO (12y) who threw the 750g implement at 38,91m , a rare performance at this age.

The best hammer thrower was without surprise Anthony NOBILO the NZL champion. Anthony was only 5cm short from his PB with 64,88m  Arno VAN DER WESTHUIZEN was 2nd with 50,51m

In the women hammer another young talent is emerging with Jasmine HE LING . Jasmine broke her PB and the 40m line in the process with a promising 40,87m performance.

So all together it was a good start of the season for most of these young athletes.