North Harbour Bays Athletics Inc

Volunteering & Parent Help

We need your help!

Do you want to help make our sport happen?

Volunteers play a vital role in any community sport. The time, energy, and commitment of these people enable our Athletics Club continue to offer weekly Club Nights and take part in Track & Field, Cross Country and Road Running events, which are held at Club-level, regionally, nationally and internationally each season.

Without a dedicated group of people, who willingly give their time to enable others to participate in the sport that they love, Athletics and Cross Country Running wouldn’t exist.

Training and competitions happen because of volunteers who enjoy helping, have an interest in Athletics, Track & Field, Cross Country, Running, etc. Parents help us out and display devotion to our cause, and want to learn and gain experience.

Volunteers also give their time to our sport for different reasons; some are parents with children at Bays; some are people who don’t want to go running by themselves; others are simply Athletics enthusiasts who don’t want to run, but still want to be part of their local club and continue to be involved with the wider Athletics Community. There are many different reasons that people give their time for free, but the main thing is that they all want to get involved and help make our Club happen.

Be added to the Bays volunteering database

If you are interested in helping out, please make contact with our Club to find out how you can use your abilities as a volunteer and make our sport happen! It is not necessary to join a committee to fulfill these roles. Any assistance is welcome and training will be given if needed.

We need people to help in:

  • Administration (clerical, computer, organisational work)
  • Officiating (at Club Nights and other competitions)
  • Event coaching (who will be trained in coaching basic event skills)
  • Team management at open meets
  • Age-grade Managers and Age Marshalls (to supervise age groups on Club Night)
  • Social functions organisation
  • Fundraising projects
  • Equipment and facility expertise (fix-it and repair skills)
  • Marketing and financial skills and experience
  • Journalists and photographers etc.

Volunteers know that it is fun and very satisfying, especially if you are working near, and to support, your children’s activities.  The Clubs room is always open and Club members and parents are welcome to use its kitchen and to stay behind after activities for a friendly social session.