North Harbour Bays Athletics Inc

Attainment Scheme

This is an incentive scheme based on personal improvement, with certificates awarded on achieving specified performance levels. Every junior athlete will have the opportunity to win an Achievement Certificate. The certificates will be awarded at 4 levels - I, II, III and IV - according to standards achieved in a specified number of events for each age group (see tables):

  1. Athletes will only be eligible to receive certificates after they have qualified in a specified number of events as shown in the Tables. It is not necessary to compete in all the possible events in an age group to be eligible for an Achievement Certificate.
  2. Athletes must report back to the Track Finish Line Officials after completing distance events ONLY on Club Nights, so that their individual performance can be recorded. (This also means that athletes are competing for their performance, not winning).  Field event performances are recorded automatically after each attempt. This has been done to ensure athletes gain experience in a wide range of events, and work to improve in more than a single type of event.
  3. Achievement levels are indicated on the results sheets, and are posted on our website each week.
  4. The Levels Scheme will only operate on performances at Club Nights and Club Meetings.
  5. The Certificates will be issued at the end of each season.

The Levels Scheme means that all individual performances of all members will be recorded and the level of achievement calculated - a mammoth task requiring a large number of volunteers as Club Night officials. The Levels Scheme operates on performances at Club Nights and Club Meetings ONLY. Certificates are awarded at each level – I, II, III & IV -- when athletes reach the standards given below in 5 of the 8 events offered (for 7-9 years) or 6 out of the 9 offered (for 10-13 years).  At least 2 field events must be included. The Levels Scheme encourages athletes to take part in all events and sets personal goals that each can pursue.