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Winter Throws Series 2 - 9th June 2024


Hi everyone 

We did not have the best conditions for this winter competition: wet , slippery and light rain and this certainly discouraged a few people to come and participate. So we did not have the quantity but we certainly had the quality with some REALLY GREAT performances. The best of them was without doubt the new WORLD age group record in the girls U13 shot put 4kg by Sina Malia with 12.87m WITH THE 4kg !  Adding one more line to her world age group palmares this performance at 13y make her enter the Senior women 2024 world ranking at the 1351 th position , the 194th position in the U20 ranking that she shares with her club mate Kate HALLIE and, they also both shared the 34th position in the U18 world ranking with this implement.

The other great performer was Fernanda TIRADO in the hammer throw with a 3m PB with the senior 4kg implement at 45.21m. This is not only a new NHB club record for Under 16, but she also enters now the world 2024 ranking in 68th position for the U18 girls, 300th position for the under 20  - and even 1599th position in the seniors ranks. Fernanda also added another club record to her collection,  improving her 9kg weight hammer by over one metre !

Next winter throws series is scheduled for Saturday June 29th starting at 13.00 at Millenium


Winter Throws Series 1 - 25th May 2024


Hi everyone 

Here are the results of this competition

Some really good performances and PBs.

13.55m in the shot put by Laini INIVALE could have been a NZL M55 record but there were a few grammes missing at the 6kg shot . 

TAKE CARE : The next winter competition is scheduled for SUNDAY (Not Saturday as usual) 9th June. It will start at 13.00 at Millennium

Previsional programme

13.00 Javelin M and W

13.45 Hammer M and W    

14.30 Shot put M and W   + Weight hammer (If required)

15.15 Discus M and W

Reminder and confirmation of programme will be sent a few days before the comp.

Regards  DP

Winter throws Series 2024

Hi everyone

Like every year, we are going to organise some throws winter competitions - we have so far selected the following dates:

Saturday May 25th

Saturday June 8th

Saturday June 29th

Saturday July 20th

Saturday August 18th

These dates are subject to change depending on requests, field availability, eventual postponements,

All competitions will happen at the Millennium North Shore Stadium either on the main field or on the lower throws field,

The North Harbour bays club is patron of the series.

Competitions are open to all ages groups and categories. The usual conditions will be in force:-

Entry on the day of competition prior to the event - Day fee $ 5.00

Personal implements checking prior to the event- 3 + 3 (top 8) attempts  - Competitions will start at 10.00 unless advised otherwise.  A previsional detailed programme will be published several days before the competition day- All throwing events can be organised depending on requests  (Shot put -Discus - Javelin - Hammer - Weight hammer) - Day time schedule  will be flexible depending on the number of participants and the weather conditions-In case of bad weather,  cancellation postponement will be published before 09.00 - Officials and helpers are more than welcome.

Regards   D.Poppé

Sharing some (VERY GOOD) results with you about our throwers.

Centaine NOOM DUCKWORTH   60.37m PB in the hammer

Centaine has made it to the 60m line . She is the 6th NZL girl ever to do so .A real achievement which could be expected after her winter weight hammer performances over 19m .And in the US , the season is just starting , so , probably more to come from our new 60m club member !

James THOMAS Australian Masters Multi champion

James did win all the events he took part in the Hobart Australian masters champs . And he won in style with PB and new records !!!

Shot 12.10m 1st  PB     Discus  41.45m 1st SB   Hammer   40.34m  1st    Javelin  38.19m  Club record   Weight pentathlon  3847 pts 

Autumn Throws Series 1 - 30th March 2024


Season best for Arno Van D WESTHUIZEN 51.74m Hammer,   50.64m in the discus for Savannah SCHEEN have been the best performances

NZ Track and Field March 14th to 18th 2024

Hi everyone 

NHB Throwers have been especially successful at these 2024 NZL championships

there were 9 athletes competing and they won 14 medals !!!

7 medals were won in the hammer throw - 4 in the discus - 2 in the shot put and 1 in the javelin

The girls beat the boys by 10 to 4 

Fernanda TIRADO was the best collector with 4 medals in the throwing events + one (Bronze in the 80m hurdles

Karmen MARITZ Won a double GOLD in the Girls U18 

Well done everybody athletes , coaches and supporting parents


Summary of results for NHB throwers 

Girls U16

Shot put : 3rd TIRADO Fernanda 11.72m BRONZE medal

Hammer : 1st TIRADO Fernanda 51.72m GOLD Medal

Discus : 1st TIRADO Fernanda 36.95m SILVER Medal

Girls U18

Shot :  1st MARITZ Karmen 14.29m GOLD Medal

Discus    1st MARITZ Karmen 46.61m GOLD Medal

Hammer  2nd TIRADO Fernanda 50.76m SILVER Medal

Women U20

Hammer : 1st KUMERICH Nadja 50.79m GOLD medal

Senior women

Discus :  3rd SCHEEN Savannah 48.54m BRONZE Medal  4th MARITZ Karmen 45.37m

Javelin : 2nd TIRADO Briana 41.95m SILVER Medal

Hammer : 3rd KUMERICH Nadja 51.62m BRONZE medal

Boys U18

Hammer : 3rd CHUNG Oliver 45.96m BRONZE Medal

Senior Men

Discus     1st BELL Connor 57.83m GOLD Medal

Hammer  1st BARMES Anthony 68.64m GOLD Medal  2d NOBILO Anthony  67.41m SILVER Medal


THROWS EVENTS THIS WEEKEND 23-25th February 2024.

Hi every one 

Local Athletes and some of our visitors were competing a bit everywhere in the world this last week end. lots of PB and some great performances 

Perth (Australie)  Etienne ROUSSEAU (U23) Shot put 16.99m PB  - Discus 56.35m PB . Now ranking 2nd Australian in both events

Auckland (NZL) Millennium Hammer Anthony NOBILO (Sen M) 65.48m,  Oliver CHUNG (U18) 38.42m (6kg) PB   45.29m (5kg),  James THOMAS  (Mast 65) 40.87m (5kg),  Jasmine HE LING (U20) Hammer 37.68m (4kg).

Auckland Mt Smart Fernanda TIRADO (U16) Shot 11.93m PB (3kg)  Discus 35.21m (1kg)  -  Karmen MARITZ (U18) 13.75m Shot (3kg)   43.97m discus  -   Savanna SCHEEN  (Sen W) Discus 49.42m.

Christchurch (NZL) Nadja KUMERICH (U20) Hammer 53.08m (4kg)

Salon de Provence (France)  : Tom REUX (Sen M) Discus 61.47m PB  French winter champion  - Nils POPPE (Sen M) Hammer 48.23m

Diakin Night of 5's - 16th December 2023


Hi everyone

Some athletes did not miss this last opportunity for a final PB this year before changing age group or moving into the 2024 new ranking year.

Best performances and PBs by Karmen MARITZ shot  3kg 14.90m , Reid DAVIDSON 15.24m 6kg , Fernanda TIRADO 51.83m Ham 3kg and 42,49m ham 4kg

Great thanks to all the volunteers, parents and helpers who have made the possibility of these little competitions to exist and provide possibilities for our young athletes

Merry Christmas all

Spring Throws Competition Series 3 - 4th November 2023


Hi everyone

Here are the full results and some pictures of this competition.

PB of the day for Oliver CHUNG with 49.05m in the under 16 - 4kg hammer.

Cheers DP

Spring Throws Competition Series 2 - 21st October 2023


Hi everyone

Here are the full results of this competition

Best performances by Fernanda TIRADO 51,33m in the hammer , Sina Malia SU’A 13.99m in the shot and Jack BURNS 46.35m in the discus.

Last Spring Throws competition will be Saturday November 4th at Millenium at 10.30

Cheers DP