Club Records - Currently Standing

Over the years there have been many fantastic performances by Bays Athletes, and many of these are reflected in the records, some of which date back years and years.

The Club's Records Committee has been set up with the goal to approve and administer Club Records, which could be broken at any point in time throughout the year's competitions and races

A Club record can be set by a registered Club member, representing and wearing the uniform of any organisation affiliated with the IAAF. This includes Schools, Centres or National teams subject to the validity requirements below or sponsor's uniform if approved by the meet managers . A record is a special achievement and the Club owes it to the current holder to ensure that a claim for a new record is validated correctly.

Club records can be set anywhere in the World providing the athlete was registered with the Club at the time and that the performance met the validity requirements of an Athletics New Zealand record:

  • Electronic timing
  • Wind readings where required
  • Field event measurement confirmed by graded referee
  • Equipment and facilities used confirmed as correct

Club record certificates will be presented at the Club Prizegiving at the end of each season. 

The form below should be completed in full if you wish to bring a possible record-breaking performance to our attention.  

Our Selectors will endeavour to note any Club record-breaking performances but the lodging of this form is a safeguard.

North Harbour Bays criteria for claiming a North Harbour Bays Senior Record

Senior section club records are awarded to registered members in the grade according to the age they are at the time of the performance, irrespective of what grade they are required to compete in by Athletics NZ or any other organisation’s rules. That is why the records are listed as U16, U18 and U20, and not grade 16, grade 18 or grade 20.

This brings our club records under the same rules as Athletics NZ and we believe it is fairest on athletes.

This is a change from the past, when records were allowed only for a grade the athlete was required to compete in.  If any Senior section athlete wishes to apply for past  performances that they believe would now be a club record, they should contact the club with their evidence, for consideration.  If proved to be valid, records can be back dated.

Note there is no change for any rules concerning Junior section or Masters records. They apply to the grade the athlete is required to compete in.

North Harbour Bays criteria for claiming a North Harbour Bays Masters record.

NHB Masters Records Only

1 – To be a fully paid financial member of NHB athletics club.

1 [a] – The athlete must be registered at the time the record is set with the club for 3 months from the date they are registered with the club before they can claim a club record irrespective of their Country status.

Auckland Masters Athletics - New Zealand Masters Athletics  National or NZMA Championships records

 In line with New Zealand Masters Athletics “an athlete who sets an NZMA National or Championships record the applicant must be a current NZMA competitive or ANZ competitive member. The applicant must also be a New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident of New Zealand for a minimum of 12 months”

Club Records Committees                            

Junior and Senior

  • Dave Norris
  • Joanne Roscoe
  • Jonathan Wood


  • Tony Deleiros

​​​​​​Club Record Application Form

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