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Hi Everyone

I have been researching NHB's medal winners at World Veteran/Masters Championships Outdoor/Indoor/X/C.

The actual NHB masters section started up in 2008 when the club recognised that membership had increased from 5 or 6 athletes to 30, hence that when master's records began.

As NHB membership did not show masters as "masters" before 2008, I had had to ask current masters who were around pre-2008 also with the help of internet searches, checking through the book " A History of NZ Veterans Athletics 1962 to 1999" also the NHB 60th Jubilee 2013 book.  

List starts in 1981 until 2023. During covid, WMA Champs were cancelled but recommenced in 2022. 


Achievements at World Veterans/masters Athletics Outdoor Championships
1981New ZealandChristchurchSilver100mMargaret Peters

Silver200mMargaret Peters

1985ItalyRomeGold20km road walkMaurice Hilton

Bronze5000m track walkMaurice Hilton

1989USAEugeneSilver100mMargaret Peters

Silver200mMargaret Peters

1995USABuffaloBronze100mMargaret Peters

1997South AfricaDurbanSilver200mMargaret Peters

Silver1500mWallace Opperman

Bronze100mMargaret Peters

BronzeMW 4x100m relayIncluding:  Peters/Waring

BronzeMW 4x400m relayincluding: Waring

1999Great BritainGatesheadSilver100mMargaret Peters

Silver200mMargaret Peters

Bronze400mMargaret Peters
2001AustraliaBrisbaneSilver100mMargaret Peters

Silver200mMargaret Peters

2003Puerto RicoCarolinaGold100mMargaret Peters

Silver200mMargaret Peters

2005SpainSan SebastionGold 200mMargaret Peters

BronzeTriple JumpAnne Hunter [Deleiros]

2007ItalyRiccioneGold100mMargaret Peters

Gold200mMargaret Peters

BronzeMW 4x100m relayIncluding:  Deleiros /Waring

BronzeMW 4x400m relayincluding: Tui Ashe / Waring

2009FinlandLahtiGold100mMargaret Peters

Gold200mMargaret Peters

Gold400m Margaret Peters

2011USASacramentoGoldPole VaultWallace Opperman

SilverMW 4x400m relayincluding:  Ashe / Waring

Bronze100mMargaret Peters

Bronze200mMargaret Peters

Bronze5000m track walkMike Parker

BronzeMW 4x100m relay Including: Ashe/Deleiros/Waring

2013BrazilPorto AlegreGoldWeight ThrowMark Cumming

Gold20km road walkMike Parker

Gold100mChristine Waring

SilverHammer ThrowMark Cumming

Silver5000m track walkMike Parker

2013BrazilPorto AlegreSilver10km road walkMike Parker

SilverMW 4x100m relay Including: Ashe/Deleiros/Waring

SilverMW 4x400m relay Including: Ashe/Deleiros/Waring

Silver200mChristine Waring

BronzeHeptathlonTui Ashe

Bronze400mAnthony Deleiros

Bronze400mChristine Waring

2015FranceLyonBronzeHammer ThrowAlthea MacKie

GoldWeight ThrowAlthea Mackie

Bronze100mChristine Waring

2016AustraliaPerthGoldDecathlonDavid Anstiss

GoldHammer ThrowMark Cumming

Gold5000m track walkmike parker

SilverWeight ThrowMark Cumming

Silver10km road walkMike Parker

BronzeTriple JumpDavid Anstiss

BronzeMM 4x100m Included: Anthony Deleiros

BronzeMW 4x100m Including:  Deleiros/  Waring

2018SpainMalagaSilver10k Road RaceChistine Adamson

Silver100mChristine Waring

Silver200mChristine Waring

Silver400mChristine Waring

Bronze5000mChristine Adamson

Achievements at World Masters Athletics Indoor Championships
2010CanadaKamloopsSilver200mAnthony Deleiros

2015HungaryBudapestSilver400mChristine Waring

Bronze100mChristine Waring

Bronze200mChristine Waring

2017KoreaDaeguGold60mChristine Waring

Gold200mChristine Waring

Gold400mChristine Waring

SilverPole VaultAnne Deleiros

SilverLong JumpAnne Deleiros

SilverTriple JumpAnne Deleiros

Bronze400mAnthony Deleiros

GoldHammer ThrowAlthea Mackie

GoldWeight ThrowAlthea Mackie

SilverDiscus ThrowAlthea Mackie

BronzeMM 4x200m Relay Included: Anthony Deleiros

2019PolandTorunGold10k Road RaceChristine Adamson

Gold60MChristine Waring

Gold200MChristine Waring

Silver3000mChristine Adamson

Silver400mChristine Waring

Achievements at World Masters Athletics Cross Country Championships
2023AustraliaBathurstBronze6KMChristine Adamson